During our drive to Pennsylvania….


Be yourself

Once in a while, being lonely helps to assess yourself and come back to your original sane state. Like blood flows in the system, emotions flow through your brain. Sometimes emotional decisions might seem to be judgemental situationally but, the end result can lead to different paths.  The right path might lead to a successful way, or a wrong choice ending in a miserable path. But, how do we know that the path we have chosen in the present situationally will be a successful path? The solution is to analyze yourself. For example, although a bird isolates from its surroundings for a while, later, joins the crowd of its own… Loneliness is not a permanent solution, it is just a break which results in the peaceful judgment for the better future.


Lion at the Bronx Zoo

Finally, I was able to capture a closer shot of the lion picture at the Bronx Zoo in New York. It was very hot and almost the lion is ready to sleep behind the bushes. Sometimes, you get so lucky for the right moment, that you will enjoy having a camera around all the time. I am happy to share this picture with you all. DSC09521 pi

A Dragon Fly

In botanical gardens in New York, there is an amazing lotus collection in the conservatory. In this pond, they are multiple varieties of lotus and dragonflies. When I went to this botanical gardens, although it took me a while to practice and capture one beautiful dragonfly picture, later capturing others became an easy task.  Eventually, I captured different colors of dragonflies. I am sharing the first dragonfly photograph after a long effortDSC00009 Pi.

Key Port Water Front, New Jersey

I am passionate to capture sunrise and sunset moments and activities that go along the shoreline.  Although it is very hectic to wake up super early to travel to a perfect place, it is totally worth going and enjoying those memorable sceneries. When I and my husband went to Key Port waterfront in New Jersey, I was able to capture this picture which includes the sunrise, and ships that are ready to sail. DSC09063 Pi